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MuseoThe art on Museo

The art on Museo

Art online

Museo, that’s just another art webshop? Not at all! It is a space where the muses live. Where the muses live, there you find inspiration. And yes, this is also a place to buy art online. Museo offers you multiples, series and oplagen (editions).

What’s so special about Museo?

Museo is different in many ways. It distinguishes itself from ‘just another art webshop’ by presenting a range of excellent works of art in an edition or in series. Therefore the price can be affordable for more people.
Buying art in this webshop means you will be supporting the whole group of artists, because all artists in Museo share in the revenues.
You will also enjoy the stories of the artists about their work and the short movies from the artists’ studio. If you like, you can subscribe to our newsletter. There we will share interesting information and news with you, such as recent initiatives, blogs and vlogs, and the newest works of art.

Multiples, series and editions of contemporary artists

Museo offers multiples, series and editions by contemporary artists.

Multiples and artworks in editions are not unique. There are several copies of the same work, although the copies may differ slightly from each other because they are handmade. Many artists work experimentally. This often results in larger differences within an edition. The editions are usually small: 2 to 10 copies is common.

Works of art in a series belong together, but are unique in themselves. Sometimes they are offered as a whole series in a special box.

The artists

Our artists have a professional art practice and are continuously developing their work. They have been educated at renowned art academies, or have developed as self-taught in such a way that their work is of a professional level. They do not make average pictures that can be bought anywhere for low prices, but real, honest works of art that are created with craftmanship, attention and dedication.

Our promise

Art makes you happy. Because it is special, because it touches you and because it appeals to the imagination. By buying art you choose to have a little happiness in your home. And who doesn’t want that? Take a look at what appeals to you on our site. Choose what inspires you the most, what you would like to own. Then make a final choice. Give that present to yourself or surprise someone special with a work of art and pass on the love of art. Good art never gets boring, you will always discover new things in it, it remains fascinating for a lifetime.


About quality and which quality standards we use for the art on Museo.

Artists who collaborate with Kunstlokaal №8 have been invited to Museo to offer work that meets a number of important quality requirements. The work on Museo:

  • is authentic, specific to the artist
  • has a consistently high level
  • arises in an ongoing process of development of the artist and is a recognizable part of the oeuvre
  • is meaningful
  • has a powerful visual language
  • is part of an edition, a series or is a multiple

But a real life experience is…

Of course, you are right, we know! To buy art online is not the same as it would be in real life. An art experience is much more complete if you can see, feel and smell the art in real. Therefore you are invited to visit ‘oldschool’ art gallery Kunstlokaal №8. The gallery is housed in a hundred years old school, a listed building in a village in Friesland, Jubbega, in the Netherlands. You can already explore their exhibitions on the website.


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