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Kees van de Wal in zijn atelier, najaar 2021

A moment to let go

“Whereas my work in recent years often had a geometric starting point and a subdued use of color, the new work is freer, more spontaneous and fresher in color.”

Miranda Rikken Tax Free Shop

Dreamcatchers in traffic

“My work is clearly evolving past this ‘bag thing’ into a more heartfelt, lyrical, romantic art. The photo of the bench that wants to hug you with the illusion of nature (the pond with swans) is a clear example of this. I think it has something to do with the zeitgeist.”

Yes, we are starting a blog!

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Stories from the studio

Perhaps the most enjoyable section in our newsletters is “Stories from the Studio.” Artists write, show and tell about their art practice. From now on, after the newsletter is sent out, we will also publish these stories on this blog.