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MuseoTanja Isbarn

Tanja Isbarn

about Tanja Isbarn - Floating fakes in context

Tanja Isbarn about her work

“My works circulate around the phenomenon time.
In the perception process , while being in an out of certain concepts of this ‘measurement’, rhythms appear.
I like to focus on the fragility and the awe of natural habitats.”

Would you like to see what Tanja’s works look like when framed? The images below show an impression. Ask for the possibilities.

Tanja Isbarn framed

An example of a custom frame with the canvas stretched on a panel

Tanja Isbarn, Unedited, film by Hannah Kingma.


tanja isbarn, october 2021

“The film was shot on Monday 18-10-21 by my daughter Hannah Kingma (19 years old) and later put together into a film from Hannah’s ‘chapters’.
Hannah is an amateur filmmaker and makes the recordings purely freehand with her phone.
The recording was taken in one take with daylight and not cropped. The film has a length of 10.49 minutes and therefore asks of the viewer to take some time, it is not the usual 5-minute profile.
The raw (unedited) version gives the most authentic impression.”


“If you have any questions, I will be happy to speak with you. I would be pleased to make an appointment with you for a visit to my studio.”