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Monique Kwist

About Monique Kwist

About Monique Kwist: her most recent work

The photographic works

“The shots were taken while printing wooden stamps in modeling clay, this still wet state is so specific to the moment of making. The wooden stamps were originally made to be printed in paper. The clay will dry later, as will the watercolor. So precisely a very striking moment would only be seen by me and then lost, which is why I thought of the camera. In the detail shots, something happens to the scale and perception of a landscape, other than the object that eventually remains.”

On the Shift View series

“The blind print is useful for me as a spatial research, it is like sculpting in paper. I really enjoy working with it because ‘the reduction, the stillness’ is so intrinsic to the technique and the conversion of matter to emptiness becomes so palpable through it.”

“This series of studies consists of unique compositions with their own dimension. In larger formats, these prints also reappear. Shift View is a project title for work I have been working on for about a year now. Everything ‘happens’ in the wood; the collection of boards in my studio is gradually being modified and expanded.”


Beautiful new works soon!