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“After wandering in very steep impressive volcanic regions, seeing how people build and deal with the rough countryside, something of this was translated into my material during the past 5 years or so. A selection of recent works is offered here in Museo.

In general I like an art work to have a possible entrance, to offer space which you need to discover. It might be an invitation to look for hidden possibilities or I play with this illusion. There is a wish to get to some ‘place to be’ as a reaction on our environment or daily life. An artwork can be a tool for that. The investigation and creative process itself, the poetry you feel there, is also a good place for me to enter.

Places to be? These words refer -with a twinkling eye- to the traveling guide I used gratefully on several occasions (Lonely Planet), listing ‘places to stay, places to visit’ and so on. About a ‘place to be’ however I would make my own archive. It certainly deserves more time to spend there and getting lost a little bit. Interesting memories in traveling, the longing for moving, the act itself of being somewhere else and the personal contact with other cultures and climate motivate me. Architecture, whether holy or born from economic necessity, as well as unbelievable engineering are giving me a form of orientation. 

I like to vary my practice with material from time to time. So now after years I am having an interesting storage of three dimensional objects,  photography, printing, work on paper. You can observe processes and experiences of working in one technique do influence the other. You could maybe see I am interested in the magic of indirect techniques, like for instance in printing a mould is needed; the source is not directly visible. The themes stay more or less stable under the surface.”