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MuseoEls Binnendijk

Els Binnendijk

Els Binnendijk, gobelin op stramien in omgeving

Mathematics in embroidery

Els Binnendijk: “I work with cotton (white and pink) on canvas. My work shows shifts that are based on patterns and series (abstract geometric). As a result, one work usually consists of several panels.”

At Museo, Els Binnendijk offers a series of ‘solo’ works. Some of them fit very well together and can be considered a ‘duo’ (dyptich) or ‘trio’ (tryptich).

All works are framed behind museum glass. Museum glass is very clear and does not reflect.


  • Buy 2 and get 10% off. At checkout, enter dyptich in the “Have a coupon?” box.
  • Buy 3 and get 20% off. At checkout, enter tryptich in the “Have a coupon?” box.

N.B. this only works if you pay the two or three artworks of Els Binnendijk at the same time and you have no other items in your shopping cart.