Els Binnendijk Z.T. 18-3-21


Wall object,
cotton on fabric

gobelin, 73 x 73 on 12 x 12 cm

From the series Z.T. solo, unicum.
The work comes in an aluminium 30 x 30 cm Nielsen frame with very clear and non-reflecting museum glass.

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Els Binnendijk

Els Binnendijk works with cotton (white and pink) on fabric. Her work shows shifts that are based on mathematical patterns and series.

Some of these ‘solo’ works fit together very well and can be considered as a diptych, or even a triptych. If you order a combination of two of these works, you will receive a voucher worth 10% of the total amount. If you order three works together, you will receive a coupon worth 20% of the total amount.


Weight 1450 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 2.5 cm