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MuseoBirgit Speulman

Birgit Speulman

Birgit Speulman digital drawing

About Birgit Speulman

Birgit Speulman on digital drawing: “I once started drawing with the mouse by way of sketching. I experimented with the scanner, line structures and color combinations to force myself to explore new shapes and uncomfortable use of color. The advantage is, it allows you to change things endlessly without ruining material, so I dared to do more.”

“But how to call these works of bits and bites? If I have drawn mostly, then I call them mouse drawings. If I’ve used stencils or if I’ve incorporated photographs into the image, then I might think of them as digital graphics. Or digital collages if I have assembled shapes. Digital Mixed-media? It doesn’t really matter to me.”

The Tree Circle series

“I created the first series on Tree Circle (Boomcirkel) in 2013 and since then I have continued to work on the theme occasionally. The three works at Museo are from the 2019-2021 Tree Circle series, which consists of 41 saved stages.”