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Birgit Speulman, Boomcirkel 2019-2021 F7f


Digital print

29,7 x 42 cm

Professional print of premium quality.

From the Boomcirkel 2019-2021 series, edition of 5, numbered and signed.

Comes without frame or passe-partout, but if you prefer the work framed, please contact us for the possibilities.

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Birgit Speulman on Boomcirkel 2019-2021 F7f

Birgit Speulman Boomcirkel 2019-2021 F7f comes from the Boomcirkel 2019-2021 (Tree Circle) series, which consists of 41 stages. The three works in the Museo collection are printed in an edition of no more than 5. They are beautifully printed on soft Hahnemühle cotton paper. These prints are guaranteed to last more than 75 years when carefully handled and framed or stored in acid-free material.

About the Boomcirkel (Tree Circle) Series

“The tree not only spreads its branches in the air, but also occupies a circular space, the tree mirror, on the ground. Trees grow largely invisible ín the soil, where their roots absorb water and minerals. They interact with mushrooms, whose mycelium builds connections from tree to tree. Underneath the trees, the soil is full of life. A fascinating world!”

“Because of this complexity, the theme, Tree Circle, requires a hybrid way of working. I therefore use photography in combination with drawing, printing and collage techniques in the computer: mixed-media. Layer by layer I work on this series. Occasionally I hide things ” under the ground “, and sometimes I add color or highlight a particular layer, like an x-ray. I created the first series on Tree Circle in 2013. Since then I have continued to work on the theme from time to time, so that it can indeed be called an ongoing series.”

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Dimensions42 × 29,7 cm


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