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MuseoVivian Rozenbeek

Vivian Rozenbeek

Vivian Rozenbeek Zonder titel #4 in context

About the work of Vivian Rozenbeek

Vivian Rozenbeek’s work is surprising and attractive, in a stylish geometry. She transforms packaging: paper, cardboard, plastic. In a meditative and repetitive process of knotting, twisting and connecting, she manages to give these elements a delicate added value. Born out of the repetition and routine of daily life, banal residual material emerges in her fingers to become highly refined objects.

“Using minimal resources to create a piece of beauty that is thought-provoking.”

“My objects arise from experiments with form and material. Expressiveness, subtility and refinement are important to the result.”

The object in the picture is not in stock at Museo anymore.