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Sytske de Jong

Sytske de Jong Plane and Line 5 in context

About the work of Sytske de Jong

When we talk about Sytske de Jong, we are talking about a sculptor. Sytske de Jong creates sculptures in stone and wood, and also in cardboard and paper.

In fact it is always about form and counterform, transparent form, inner and outer form, plane and line, the tension between form and opening.

Fascinated by structures, textures, forms from nature and references to physical forms, the sculptures are organic and touchable.

As a counterpart to the sculptures, the drawings and reliefs have a lightness and playfulness. Apparently unconsciously, the forms, the lines, the openings that are carefully cut out in cardboard come into being. The series of small reliefs entitled Opening is a good example of this, while the larger works in the Plane and Line series also show interesting organic structure and sensual lines.