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Marjolein Spitteler

Marjolein Spitteler about her art

Studio Marjolein Spitteler
Studio Marjolein Spitteler

“Starting as a biologist, then as a visual artist, I have been intensely engaged in one research project. This research focuses on life as a phenomenon. Gradually the concept of space has come to play an increasingly important role. Within the limited spatiality of the flat surface, I search for the greatest possible experience of space, in which life and thoughts about this can arise.

The working method I have developed over the years allows the sculpture to develop like an organism, to breathe and to move along with the thoughts of the viewer.”

Shadow drawings

At Museo, Marjolein Spitteler offers a series of “shadow drawings”. In these drawings the shadow allows spaces to converge in the flat surface. By printing small objects in the paper, illusory and physical space come together. A form in which time plays a role, constantly shifting and moving with the light.