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Flos Pol

About Flos Pol: the ongoing series Organic Forms and Structures

About Flos Pol: the always ongoing series Organic Forms and Structures

When you look at the work of Flos Pol you immediately know that it is all about nature. Being in touch with nature has always been very important to her.

Since several years Flos Pol lives in the far north of the Netherlands, close to the coast of the Wadden Sea. While strolling on the mudflats, Flos Pol is impressed by the smell, the vastness, the beautiful skies and the silence. Organic forms and structures of waving weeds in the water attract her attention. With her work Flos Pol aims to express the beauty of nature and the necessity of our now so fragile nature. She makes her work out of connectedness with that nature and finds endless inspiration in the cycle of growth, flowering and decay. Her work is full of movement, as if she is trying to capture the energy in the ever renewing nature. A continuous dance of growth and decay in which forms, structures and patterns find their way onto the paper.