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Wilma Vissers, No title (9)


Print in black, orange and red ink
Edition of 3, 21 x 30 cm.

The prints are handmade, within the (small) edition each copy is slightly different.

1 in stock (can be backordered)

About these works

Wilma Vissers on her color etchings:

“I recently received an etching press from a colleague which I was able to put in my studio. I graduated in graphic art and painting. I could only practice graphic art if I stayed in a foreign Artist Residency.

It has always fascinated me with the printing technique that mirrored shapes seem to have quite a different meaning. During the lockdown, now that even the artist supplies store is closed, I have to deal with the materials I have.
The metal plates, when printed, have a very special material and fabric expression. For example the plate ‘Coppertaint Laminate’, that shows a pixel-like structure when printed on paper.
Also, there is the interaction of colors. Sometimes the colors used are primary and in some prints I have used secondary colors.
It is a large playground of shapes and colors that evoke space.”

Dimensions21 × 30 cm

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