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Hans Emmelkamp, No title 14


Painting, oil on mastic on panel.
22 x 25 cm.

From the series Mastic on panel, 2021

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Hans Emmelkamp, mastic on panel series

For this series of panels, Hans Emmelkamp used mastic as the bearer for the image.

He often uses cut-out figures for the shapes, which makes them look constructive, perhaps rational and cool. But the use of mastic actually cancels out this rational approach: it adds a sensitive skin to the works and the overall image becomes ‘warmer’.

On the one hand Hans Emmelkamp wants to create clarity and objectivity through the strict visual language (lines, shapes and the consistent black and white). On the other hand, he does not want the image to turn rigid, he is constantly looking for a cautious dynamic and balances in his compositions.

It is precisely this restrained search for a fusion of reason and emotion that makes these compositions intriguing. Counterparts here are aligned like Yin and Yang.

The artwork has a mounting profile on the back.

Dimensions22 × 25 × 2.5 cm


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