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Maartje Blans

About Maartje Blans Impressions

Maartje Blans about her work:

“Although I have been fascinated for years by fleetingness, temporariness and the beauty of decay, I would like to keep the work open for the viewer. It is important that the work evokes an ambiance by which the viewer sees different layers: layers in the work, the space but mainly in himself. How he loses himself in the ambience, the silence and how he searches for meaning. Meaning that is open, open in image, open in interpretation and also the search for the meaning of the deliberately empty space. The emptiness in the work and in the space truly are particularly meaningful.”

Maartje Blans Dialoog 1 in context

Maartje Blans lived in New York and Beijing before moving back to the Netherlands. She creates subtle works with paper, thread, paint and ink, among other materials. At Museo, she offers four of her landscape-like works from the Impressions series. Six works from the Dialogue series come in a passepartout.