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Esther van Dijk

Esther van Dijk Lucky Strike Light in context

Esther van Dijk about Prints of impressions

In 2011 I graduated from academy Minerva in Groningen.
I make series of prints using the etching press which are always being supplemented with new work.
Each work in the series is unique. I use mixed techniques such as gravure, blind embossing, collage.

I am fascinated by traces that life (unconsciously) leaves behind.
Among other things, I make prints of things from my surroundings that affect me. I literally print these things. They can be rusty crown caps or boxes that I find attractive when I unfold them. Or an object that has been lying in the street for weeks and contains a whole history.

The series include

  • Prints of impressions
  • Boxes
  • Sharp things
  • Rust and Soot
  • Body Language