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Carrie Meijer

About Carrie Meijer, Perforated embossings

About the work of Carrie Meijer

Anyone who knows the work of Carrie Meijer knows that it is always about order: structures, grids, patterns. Clean often, minimalist sometimes, like the series of all-white works. And so carefully made that it becomes almost perfect. But then again, a structure should not be too perfect. Because perfection is boring. It should be possible to experience a certain feeling in a work. And that is why Carrie Meijer deliberately disturbs the order by allowing imperfection. For example, the pattern of lines in the work on the left is somewhat irregular, giving the perforations at the intersections a faltering rhythm.

In this series, the relief of straight lines forms the geometric but subtle composition. Carrie Meijer varies on that. No two patterns are the same. Because of this variation in the composition and the texture of the paper, the work shows itself to be lively and refined, with a surprising depth.

Only one copy of each work exists. There is no edition.